Account stealer got me banned

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Agility Worm

Agility Worm

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Hi there kind Runescape players and jmods. Would you take a look on the acc 'LV BroSkii'. Took a break for month or two, wanted to come back few days ago, but a botting ban got me surprised. I've never botted on that account or on any other of my accounts. I can't also appeal it, since it's non-appelable, so I'm comming to you guys for help or advice.
Would be a shame if an account stealer got me banned, since I've put so much hours into that profile it's shamefull to say it out loud.
Edit; i did not have 2fa since I removed it, because I recently also lost my phone.
Edit2: if there's a chance to get that account un-banned, I would appriciate it grately, also feel free to whipe all the bank that's there, since I don't wan't to play with the items recived while botting.
Thanks guys and best of luck!

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Hey, this exact thing happened to me and I did do an appeal. Is there anything else we can do? I want to prove that it wasn't me because it wasn't. I was at work when it happened and didn't even play that day.


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Skod River
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Well if you did use the appeal from that Page Asahel Frost mention (Account Bans) in his reply to Op , then can you only wait for a reply about it.

It can take up to 14 days before you get a reply , but know it is a bit faster atm.

In the meantime follow Asahel Frost other advices about securing your devices and such.

Good luck :)
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