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I was recently scammed by a Facebook Sponsored post, Shame on me Yeah Yeah! I don't expect anything back. What i would like though is a way to contact Jagex about these types of issues to inform them on how it happened. I tried to contact them at but the email was returned saying the email could not be found. I searched & for ways to contact them (other then the lost items due to scammed button which directs you to with no luck. There is no support forum, or direct message system to contact them that i could find. If anyone knows of some way to contact them short of writing a hand written message and send through snail mail, Please let me know.

I have only been playing a bit over a month now and was caught by a fake Sponsored facebook post about OSRS giving away double xp codes i "logged in" and was directed to forums, by the time i figured out what had happened, changed passwords, logged back in my gear and gp i had was gone (Obsidian gear, whip, & just above 900k gp). To those of you new as well to OSRS beware of it.

Thank you for your time,

28-Jul-2019 02:01:02

Penguin Lord

Penguin Lord

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Report them to Facebook, they take care of them eventually, but there's always 500 more to take their place

I don't know what to tell you if tipoff e-mail is failing, that's the only place I knew to send phishing reports but I would imagine Jagex reports the ads to Facebook the same way any other user can

also don't fall for double exp claims in a game that will hopefully never ever see double exp

28-Jul-2019 06:16:03

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28-Jul-2019 06:25:33

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi HostileTater.

You may find your email provider blocks the email you send if it includes a dodgy web link. If that's the case, send a screenshot of the URL instead.

For phishing websites,
is more appropriate. It goes to the same team in Jagex (ICU), but using that mailbox categorises the report better.
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28-Jul-2019 11:01:05

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