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Trading all skill set items. I have Shark, Golem, Ethereal, Divination, Gorajan, Sentinal, *
Camo and Trapper items. Just pm (Private Message) me with the items you need and
´ (¸.
* the items you have to trade for them and we will meet up. Thank you talk to you soon



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Vyre Warlord

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Looking for: Shark Gloves or burnt shark gloves

Have: Tiger Shark Body and any of shark or burnt shark vise versa

PM me in game, mostly on.

Finished, FYI friend chat (TH Trade) wayyyy faster.

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I'm looking for: Blood ethereal Body and Head
I'm offering: Law Ethereal Head/Feet/Hands, Death Ethereal Feet/Hands/Legs
Private message me .......... Yes
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