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The Player Support response times are a bit slower at the moment, due to the release of Old School on mobile meaning a lot more tickets being sent in.

Hopefully it won't be much longer for you now, but please do let us know when they get back to you. I've moved your thread over to the Payment Support forum in case you have any further queries.

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Mr Jalfrezi

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i was just going to ask the same question thank you for the forum and thank you iceberg Anyone know how i can get in contact with Jagex as their contact number doesn't work and they dont provide an email. I have purchased bonds and its been sent to the new Runescape when i selected old school Runescape. I need those bonds as soon as possible its abit concerning.

13-Nov-2018 18:10:14

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@ Mr Jalfrezi - YOu asked on an unrelated thread:
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I am finding it difficult to use the forums and make a post. As you are an active mod I wanted express my concern. I have bought bought Runescape bonds however I wanted to purchase Oldschool Bonds. My bonds are stuck in my account on Runescape. I have emailed and sent in a request over 2 days ago to get them transferred and nothing has been done yet. Please could you help me?

You need to follow the directions in the Transferring Bonds between RuneScape and Old School article in the Support Centre.

For future reference, it is preferred that in the Community Led Support Forums, you create your own thread for your question, rather than tacking on to another player's thread. You issues might not be the same and there could be confusion over which reply is for which question. :)

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I am having the same issue I bought rs3 bonds like 3days ago I have done all the steps to have them transferred to old school since I’m a mobile player and I still haven’t had no reply back From jagex

18-Nov-2018 15:58:33

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