The payment has been rejected.

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Honba said:
... This is the message I've received with an Amex and a Visa Debit. I've used the Amex before to pay for membership. Both cards have sufficient funds/limits to purchase a £7 subscription :| and have been used recently, so I'm assuming this is a Jagex issue - two cards from two different providers not working! ...

Not exactly. Iceberg's advice is good. In my experience card providers often block international payments. Might be hard to find a card for which international payments are not automatically blocked. Honba, you probably just need to call the bank that provides the account that is connected to the Visa debit card. Their customer support can see the blocked payment, if that's what is happening, and specifically allow payments to Jagex in the UK to temporarily remove the block.

09-Apr-2019 01:38:16

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