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Hello everyone, I do understand firstly that I am of the upmost niche group of players who take a personal challenge in this but I actually prefer the challenge of questing in PVP worlds. I find the thrill of trying to stay alive while completing objectives quite enjoyable and it adds a twist to the regular grind that I have had in the past. I have noticed that the christmas event did not let me start in a PVP world and was curious to know why this is? I may be able to answer this by just hopping to a non PVP world but I was quite dissapointed not being allowed to further my personal challenge.

I am just looking for an official answer that is all.
Thanks and have a wonderful day,

13-Dec-2018 23:52:34

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When you're in a cutscene you can get smacked out very quickly, which happens a lot in Deadman mode OSRS WBS United for a daily warbands run! QFC : 75-76-667-66006163
LSPVM247 fc for daily masses and learning sessions! <3

15-Dec-2018 00:35:11

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