Christmas Holiday Event

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Hello Everyone,

2018 has been an amazing year for me. I have been blessed in many ways and want to take this opportunity and do for others in light of the season. I am going to be having a Christmas Holiday Event and ask that all of you who are able to come make it. Please also tell your friends and clanmates. I ask that nobody donate or add anything. This is my event I am holding and just ask that you bring yourself and have some fun. I do not want this party ruined so I will state now I will start and continue the party and event as long as nobody add junk to the chest, believe me I have plenty of gifts for everyone X 5. If junk is added to ruin peoples chances at a gift, the party will be concluded. This is intended to be a giveaway event, not for someone to get lucky or shafted again like so man have done to players in the past. Mods and J Mods are welcome to come and keep order if needed. Information is as follows:

Time: 1 a.m. Eastern Time United States
Where: World 34 Fally Party Room
What?: Over half a billion in items and cash

ALSO, as all my events in the past, if you are gifted in making and editing videos. I will pay 5M gp in game to anyone who makes a video of the party and posts it to YouTube. Make sure you put your user name in the editing so I can contact you for your present. You will have 48 hours from the time of the party to post the video. After that, over a 5 day period of time, the fc (TH Trade) will hold a vote on who has the best video. After the votes are in, the winner will be contacted in game and win an additional 10M gp.

Tell your friends and I look forward to seeing all of you there. Have a great one.



23-Dec-2018 13:33:52

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Can't wait brother. This man's been known for his great parties and gifts and continuous effort in helping others succeed (including me :D).

Just remember the odds of receiving a generous drop from FR05T are far greater than hunting MOBs!

Don't forget your friends either!
Share in this memorable experience. I know we have had plenty of RS memories from our last 15 years here.
*cough cough* dying to scorpions in my full addy in fally mines and raging back in 2004^_^

Cheers everyone! Hope to see you there ;)

23-Dec-2018 15:34:40

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