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Having not seen any mention of the usual-style (from 2017, 16, 15, 14 and so on) afterparty with a balloon drop party, followed by a live DJ, on this year's schedule, I've been curious: are either of these events happening for this year's RuneFest?

22-Sep-2019 03:32:06

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I think they may have opted to not do the balloon drop this year as people previous years have got quite violent during them.

A few clannies and myself witnesses someone pull a balloon from another attendees arms after he had grabbed one and left the area to pop it away (he seemed quite shy and timid) then push him and walk off with it.

They may do a giveaway but it might be a bit more like a raffle or something?

Unsure about the DJ or after event festivities.

01-Oct-2019 15:53:00

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I've only ever properly taken part in the very first balloon drop at the first Runefest ( which was a lot smaller than the ones today ). Back then there were vouchers in some of the balloons for various things from badges, mouse mats and even a year's membership. I have no idea about more recent drops because some people became too "aggressive" in their eagerness to get as many balloons as they could. I'd felt too vulnerable as a short old (I'm now over 60 ) woman to join the crowd. I would grab a balloon if it drifted my way but it was always empty.

02-Oct-2019 10:06:33

Andre R
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Andre R

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Most balloons had membership extends, exclusive items and stuff... last year i went i was able to grab several papers for 1 year membership :D

Well if it got violent last year, i hope they dont do it this year, so those ppl learn how to behave

02-Oct-2019 18:27:37

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