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i hate rs3.
ive played since 07 and triaed hours and months to get things like mining and smithing to high levels...
but now everything transfered onto rs3 from old school... and HARDLY ANYBODY plays there is no place for me
to test out my PURE lvvs 90 att 90 str 95 mage 97 range that ive been working so hard on FINALLLY getting
ancient magics to pk just for these BORING EMPTY WORLDS? nobody at castle wars, nobody in wild, nobody anywhere!
I wish i could put all my hard earned work back to old school runscpae where it was FUN and WORTH the TIME
i waisted my time getting 90 att 90 str 95 magic and 97 range for pking for NOTHING....and my 99 smithing would be PERFECT for making rune scimies for osrs pking

01-Sep-2017 02:29:20

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