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The ironman master quest cape challenge

Welcome to my journey on this newly created ironman account, i used to play years ago and have always had thoughts of returning, but mainscape has never been appealing to me. So then i found out about ironman and i felt, i want to give this a try and i absolutely love it.

So i'm an absolute lorehound and i love questing, so i figured, what's better to do than go for that quest cape and follow it up by getting the master quest cape.

I'm a 31 years years guy living in sweden, i love my coffee especially my french press coffee.


The objective is twofold, first is to get the quest points cape, and then work towards the vaunted master quest cape.

This journey is going to be a long and fun one and i hope to share it with all of you.

Rules and limitations

Because i'm a lorehound and to make this journey more engaging i have set up a few ground rules for the challenge. They are as following.

1. Fifth age quests first
Untill all fifth age quests are done i will not be doing any sixth age quests, however at the point of writing benedicts world tour has been started but not completed.

1. Guides are allowed but only in emergencies
Skilling will be done to break up the pace and to reach quest requirements.

3. Skilling
Skilling will be done as needed to fullfill quest requirement.


The following objectives are milestone quests on the journey to the Quest cape
Not started

In progress


Quest aims
Fairy tail pt3
- Unlocked fairy rings
Desert treasure
- Unlocked ancient magicks
Plagues end
- Currently on regicide
River of blood
- Current quest is legacy of seergaze

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Aight, been abit bad in updating the list, but here's the quests i have completed
Quest list


Considering grinding fishing and cooking to 62 to have an ample amount of food for the future, buying food from the gnomes is getting expensive, would this break the challenge?


For those quests i have started i do not have the combat level to reliably do them. And dragon slayer i plan to do soonish.

And my questing is all over right now which i admit, i have been working on grabbing those with big xp rewards primarly.

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Update 2019-04-23

[Done]The underground pass

This one was quite the adventure, had many close calls on this one, especially some of the hazards that are spread around the place, the setup for this one as Ironman wasn't to difficult. Had one point i got lost at and looked up a step.

[Started]The golem

Easy setup as ironman, but had to go to bed so will finnish this today.


Did some prayer xp grinding at nexus from 39-46 alongside D&D Nemi forest. Had some really good fun at Nexus finding a small gang that mad the process really fast and fun, also encountered a fellow ironman, in this case a hardcore ironwoman.

Also did two levels for mage grinding from 48-50 to be able to equip Ibans staff for my mage setup. Also got 23 Divination by finding out the greatness of guthix caches. Small addition, trained 25 ranged to be able to do underground pass during the morning.


Not a very productive day in regards of questing as i was trying to get an mud rune for the eyes of glouphrie quest and spend about one hour trying different means getting a water talisman for the altar. But having underground pass and having a low-mid tier mage weapon is a good step for future combat quests.

Quest points

Will format post proper when i get home, also tell me what you think of this style of journal.

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Quests today
The eyes of glouphrie
Fun quest , had to get out of a mental block for the puzzle itself

The Golem
Simple enough

Troll romance
Not to complex, derped around looking for the quest item

From tiny acorns
Simple enough quest to do also


Farmed water talismans and did daily D&D's aswell as the circus


Felt good today, got alot of good skillpoints

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[Completed] The lost city
Comments: Enjoyable quest, RNG took it's toll to get materials for the second portion of the quest to complete.

[Completed]The giant dwarf
Comments: So much running back and forth

[Completed]Another slice of H.A.M
Comments: Fun times with some useful rewards

Comments: With a more accurate weapon and a small supply of prayer pots and food i was able to complete it with relative ease, not a fan of the dungeon sections of this quest series.

Put the reward XP into magic, trying to get that 60 magic ASAP

[Started]Fairy tail part 1
Comments: Lack the skills to complete the item gathering part of this quest series, will need to wait and grind abit to continue.


- Started PoF and got farming up to 26
- Did some fishing in Shilo village and got 33 fishing
- Trained firemaking in dungeons and got 26 Firemaking and 35 DG
- Did the normal D&D rotation, but didn't have time for guthixian caches
- Got 55 Magic while trying to get belladona seeds to start garden of tranquility, a very exciting level because of high alchemy. Also got a small suppy of law and nature runes from the trolls farmed.


The ironman experience is an interesting one because for some of these quests i would have gone to the GE on a normal account, but i can't this time around and it's a very interesting experience, the farming for items that only come as drops can be both frustrating and rewarding.

But as a whole, this journey of skilling and questing has been thouroughly enjoyable and i look forward to continuing it.

Short tems goals:

60 Magic for God weapons
50 Prayer For xp reward from Rune memories Going to go into magic
Obtain items for the holy cithara for a big XP boost , will require Medium clue scroll farming.
Get 99 quests done and do Monkey Madness as quest 100.

Current QP:

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[Complete]Scorpion catcher

[Complete]Monkey madnes
I have a love hate relationship with this quest, on one hand it's got a ton of useful stuff, on the other it's supremely frustrating at times, ended up spending 200k gold for one of the solutions, none to happy about that.

[Started]Recipe for disaster
Started this series of quests, very useful rewards along the road.

[Done]Shadow of the storm
Fun and short quest, none to spectacular. Put XP into Magic

[Done]Beneath Cursed tides
Fun throwback quest with decent rewards, lamp went into herblore


While waiting for my kitten to grow into a cat i got my fishing up to level 49, also in part thanks to a fishing challenge.
Trained a few levels of cooking to be able to do the easter events


Quests are coming along nicely alongside the skills, taking a break between questing to do fishing and such has been an welcome distraction.

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[Done]Garden of tranquility
Some very good and useful rewards from this one, queen is absolutely horrible however.

[Done]The Feud
Long quest this one with some tricky parts, but the massive thieving reward bumped my thieving to 43 which made me elligble for a load of other quests.

[Done]Lost her Marbles
Short and sweet for some easy xp, got me to 45 thieving.

[Done]Fairy tail part 1
After the fishin grinding etc got this quest done, feels good to have it done, now only needing farming levels for part 2

[Done]Land of the goblins
Fun quest, and as ironman having to make some of the stuff yourself felt more rewarding

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