my goal is to save my dog

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so this is a sad situation everyone. my family just got a pet and immediately my family fell in love with this puppy named Dewey. He is currently 12 weeks old and has completed our family. unfortunately over the last 2 days deweys was acting really tired and his bowel movements were strange. we decided to take him to the vet were we learned that he was born with Peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia (PPDH) is a congenital defect involving the pericardium of dogs. So what this means is deweys intestines are with his lungs and heart making it hard for him to breathe. we were told surgery is an option and if he gets it normally results are positive and he would be expected to live a full normal life. we were able to put the desposit down for the surgery but it for sure broke the bank. ive never had to ask for anything ever even if we dont raise any money for him we will make it. But this gofundme page is important to her which means its important to me. just positive comments and support for dewey would be appreciated.

if interested in support please go to and search for Surgery for Dewey. the fundraiser is by sheila johnson

19-Sep-2017 06:06:35

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