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F2P count down by two! Members count up by one as usual.

This game pits free players against members in a Count to 50-style thread.

The count begins at 25.

Members add one number
when they post. Example: The count is 16 and you are a member. You will post 17.

Free players subtract two numbers
when they post. This is to keep the game balanced Example: The count is 16 and you are a free player. You will post 14.

Free players win the game if the count reaches 0. Members win if the count reaches 50. Counting by yourself is not allowed, but if you post shortly after someone else, I don't mind if you edit your post.

When the game is won (either 0 or 50 is reached), the next player should start over at 25. I will record a win in the 2nd post in the thread.

Forum Mods will count just like a normal player, based on their membership status. Jagex Mods can reset the count to any number they like!
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