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I've hidden the post above because it is off-topic to the thread. (Edit: the last post on the previous page)

Ready For It -
If you disagree with the moderation regarding the first hidden post - or even the post I just hid, please use Forum Moderation Review instead of posting here about it.

Also, here is my suggestion about your thread.

As you currently have it, it doesn't fit in Off-Topic, because, as Tuffty, mentioned, it isn't set up to offer anything to discus. However, it isn't doing well in Forum Games (not much participation) because you have a game without a clear objective. As the forum specific rules mention: Come up with a fun reason for players to post! Post your creative games. They could be word games, number games or rap battles. :) There is a forum games community who love to participate and I am one of them. Nexus very kindly posted similar to how game threads can be done. He was creative and gave a clear reason (objective) for what he did. Obviously, given your response to him, that is not the objective you wish so we're back to: you the author explaining your objective.

I hope this clarifies why your thread is here in forum games. For it to be an active thread here, though, you would need to tweak it to have a clearer objective; doing that would attract participants. If you still wish to have a thread in Off-Topic, you would need to create a new thread where you set up a foundation for people to constructively discuss your topic. This means that you would need to significantly change how you have set up the thread.

Finally, regarding your query on Forum Help about what threads should be in Off-Topic and Forum Games, CM Brandon is discussing it with us, the green team, as he said. Thank you for your patience regarding that.
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