Why are some skills easier?

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This is in terms to some skills that require you to click each time to gain experience. I noticed some skills have options like vial all vials or craft all leather. Firemaking in osrs does not have that option. You literally have to click each log. I don't understand how in modern runescape its easier. It seems those trying to go for a 99 could very well suffer from arthritis or even carpel tunnel.

10-Jun-2019 16:01:29

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it use to be this way back in the day. everything you had to constantly click. even fishing and woodcutting

osrs is based on the rs when it was in the year 2007. a lot of skills stayed click intensive others had the make x options

but making everything afk (less click intensive) isnt the way to go.
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10-Jun-2019 18:29:08

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Because unlike OSRS, RS3 gives players the choices to do things the easier or the traditional ways.

RS3 players can still train firemaking the old way - click each log and suffer from arthritis if they prefer to choose so... or they can just burn the whole inventory of logs in a bonefire with just one click.

Choices, and powers, to the players. That's the beauty of RS3. :)

10-Jun-2019 18:44:39

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