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Hello Everyone I was thinking abouth the last game changing update called Mining and smithing
I might have an idea to make coal usefull again and the prices of the stone spirits worth again
My idea is this:
If you have stone spirits a salvage (depending on tier) and coal you can smelt the salvage into bars
tiny 1 bar
small 2 bars
med 3 bars
large 4 bars
huge 5 bars
to do this you need 5 coal per smelt and 2 of the stone spirits of that tier
Because we don't have orikalkum salvage (YET) we don't need to make that in bars but this can also be inplemented
What will this do for the eco? well the price of coal will rice a bit (I asume not a lot)
The price of the stone spirits will rise a bit (not by a lot)
the price of salvage will stay arround the same price if not drop a couple of coins
all arround a stable economy wise Idea but I ask you people from this forum abouth your toughts

Sorry for my bad grammar I'm dutch

25-Mar-2019 17:25:11

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I honestly don't think too many players would use this option.

A huge rune salvage can be alched for 40k coins, 5 rune bars are worth significantly less than this. The thing is - in our new system it's not too unreasonable to gain a specific amount of ore to create a bigger number of bars fairly quickly.
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26-Mar-2019 05:18:06

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This does sound like a good idea if you quickly need bars but have lots of salvage. By Rikornak's comment, I suspect mostly ironmen would use it that don't want to disassemble/alch salvage but do need bars and don't have the Mining level or don't want to mine. Or just have an excess of stone spirits.

I'd suggest using luminite spirits at least for rune, for obvious reasons. And allow +1 bar per salvage tier at the Blast Furnace, too.
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26-Mar-2019 08:23:19

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