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Pouches: I guess that idea doesn't sound too shabby. Might need a bit of spit and polish, but it's actually fairly elaborate.

Costume room: Well - probably a possible approach since they do not want to increase bank space further.

Tenebri said:
Haven   Hell said:
It becomes more annoying the more you do it, not less, because it's an exercise in futility.

in my experience i disagree, more i did it less annoyance i encountered

That's called deadening.
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Tenebri said:
no they are seperate pouches. you dont attach other pouches together to create an even bigger one.

there is no good reason to do this.

banking with all pouches etheral outfit, abyssal titan if done correctly is around 6 seconds, sure it will cut down time having one... but no theres a limit in which easyscape needs to stop at and stuff like this is one of them

id also suggest having 2 seperate threads for 2 ideas otherwise things get confusing

but nonetheless keepsake keys bring in ££ for jagex im happy mtx being cosmetic so id rather not take that away. id rather take away the xp from mtx. if your idea happens less keepsake keys needed. not to mention the amount of people already spent on keepsake keys wont get refund


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