Cursed energy-better solution?

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Stoic n Vain

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I have since improved on this in my new thread: The New Wild (instanced) Please take a look

Hello. I'm going to talk about the "cursed energy" situation; what problems exist and what can be done.

We all know about the bot issue. If only bots could be permanently removed from the game :( Jagex responded to the bot problem by allowing anyone with cursed energy to be attackable by anyone, regardless of the wilderness level restrictions. This sure hit the bots hard... but at what cost?

With 138s dominating the wilderness volcano, low level pkers have left and low level skillers have left (there is no point in opposing maxed mains when you cannot beat them). These legitimate low level players have been forced out of content that they were enjoying. With cursed energy being so risky to collect, being so difficult to bank, requiring many inventory spaces to be efficient at collecting and allowing any player to attack; it discourages any player to participate in the content, especially low levelled players. This can only result in combat level diversity being completely destroyed and the content in general being left fairly... dead. :(

It looks like you either have to allow bots to function, or punish legitimate players who were enjoying the content. What if there was an option that was fair and kept the players happy whilst also busting the bots in the process?! :O
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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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My solution: "Cursed energy pickpocketing!"

Create a pickpocket option (within the wilderness volcano only) where any player can pickpocket any other player for their cursed energy.


A (red?) loading bar will appear above the thief's head and a successful pickpocket will take place once the bar is full. To interrupt this, the player being pickpocketed must select the pickpocket option on the thief in order to interrupt the pickpocket. You may only attempt to pickpocket a select individual once every 5 minutes (to avoid spamming/grieving them), but you can pickpocket as many separate individuals as you'd like to (no limit).

A pickpocket will always take a full duration of 8 seconds (enough time to be countered with an interrupt) in order for the bar to complete and for a successful pickpocket to take place. The thief will follow the player being pickpocketed with a thieving animation throughout the duration. Upon thieving success, some thieving xp based on your thieving level will be awarded and you will take ALL of the player's cursed energy (provided they didn't interrupt you).

Bots or players that are afk will suffer here, legit active players will simply need to interrupt the pickpocket and then continue about their business. This way, any player can assist the bot busting process, even being out of the combat level range and unable to attack. You'll always be able to attempt to get cursed energy off another player by pickpocketing. With this method, low level pvp and skilling will not get harmed and can continue to thrive.
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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Cursed energy pickpocketing continued:

Anyone can steal from a bot, an afk player, or a player who decides not to interrupt. Low level players who are not a bot, nor afk will need to be killed in order to obtain their cursed energy - this promotes combat level diversity and pvp in the wilderness. Hopefully this thieving "loading bar" can be made undetectable by botting software (I don't personally know how it works). The only way to know that you are being pickpocketed is to see the pickpocket loading bar and interrupt it (the loading bar should also have a name above or next to it in case you have multiple people stacked on the same square - not knowing who is doing the pickpocketing).

Perhaps surge and escape could be another way to "interrupt". They can only be used once every 20 seconds, so even if a bot was programmed to escape or surge constantly, a smart player would realise after such an action, a large window of thieving opportunity follows.

If the player has no cursed energy, none will be awarded upon pickpocket and a message will be displayed: "That player has no cursed energy!" Interrupting a pickpocket has a 100% success chance and (possibly) awards some thieving experience. Thieving level has no relevance apart from the amount of xp given.

Cursed memories should be made stackable, which enables skillers 26 inventory spots to actually be able to fight back effectively, supporting proper pvp in the wilderness, rather than pkers picking off skillers with ease/low risk of being killed. This will create a real pvp environment, rather than the crap cat eats mouse environment we have currently (no offense). Stackable skilling items in wild idea originally on My wilderness quick-fix's thread.

Additionally, the wilderness volcano should be a "no teleport zone" to stop the bots from being able to teleport instantly. No need to completely stop all teleportation with cursed energy.
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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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(simplified his great idea)
Deltaslug said:
"Cap the daily amount of energy a F2P player can gather to 1k cursed energy (roughly 250k worth) per person.

Pking players for cursed energy does not contribute to your daily cap!"

A good idea I just had:
While being pickpocketed, you cannot log out! (similarly to being in combat).

Stoic n Vain said:
Targeting the bots directly is the best option. Jagex hasn't been able to remove them from the game unfortunately... so I was trying to come up with the closest thing to a solution that I could - without harming the players.

Best solution:
Get rid of the bots. No negatives. Currently, not possible.

Jagex's current solution:
Allow everyone to attack a player with cursed energy in their inventory. Positives - it does largely reduce the speed that bots can gather cursed energy. Negatives - this harms low leveled players, as they cannot compete with maxed mains. This destroys combat level diversity and ruins the pking experience for anyone who isn't a maxed main. Unfair.
Also, mains can boost their wilderness kill counts on opponents that are not really worthy to award kill count, giving a poor reflection on how good they really are at pvp. Having lots of wilderness kill count really means nothing... unfortunately (mostly kills from level 3 bots).

My proposed solution:
Positives - will largely reduce the speed that bots can gather cursed energy through pvp, or pickpocketing. Doesn't harm low level pkers and maintains combat level diversity. No more mains picking on legitimate* low level gatherers and player killers.

Thought I'd explain my intentions more clearly.

Feel free to check out my huge thread on combat issues too (in my signature).

Thanks. Stoic.
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This is a very good idea. My only concern is the five-minute cooldown for pickpocketing each individual; I recommend that a shorter cooldown, such as two to three minutes, be considered. Otherwise, I support the idea of pickpocketing and stacking cursed energy and memories.
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Rage Paragon

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Old Oak said:
isn't there a portent you can make with divination that lets you tele-bank the items?

Pretty certain porters won't work here.
This is what people aren't getting. Some ******* "coder" releases OSBuddy or some other "helper client", people get hyped because they're stupid like sheep, and then down the road once the "helper client" has a ton of downloads he releases an "update" to hijack everyone.

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