Getting chinned for the babies

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Why does it take so long to get a chinchompa/skillchompa baby? I am over 4k viridian skillchompas and have not found one baby! Wiki suggests that the drop rate is around 1.5k per baby. Where is my baby? The street price for one is less than 100k. Are you telling me it should be easier to buy a cheap farm animal than to hunt for one? It is FAR easier to buy, breed, and sell than it is to find one while hunting. There is little profit to be made hunting than versus purchase breeding.

Everyone knows that other players pump hormones into their farm animals. I want one GMO free or whatever.

*I am suggesting for their drop rates to increase either by boosting the drop rate or calculating in luck boosting items, such as the ring of wealth.*

08-Jun-2019 18:56:30

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