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scousy said:
The current auras you can buy with with loyalty points requiring monthly membership. I don't know the best place to put them so I suggested adding them there.

Right, got it. Will add then, although personally I wouldn't get my hopes up since Jagex love mtx.
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ooh check my post "Hay bales of worthlessness POF" but heres it anyway: let sacks be used on the hay bales at POF to make scarecrows! Ghad: struggling against the enemies of me boiz

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Leaving a bump and a few small suggestions:

- Improve the 'Remote Farm' lunar spell to work like 'Geomancy' in OSRS: Basically it should show information in a more sophisticated way and update on its own without recasting.

- Add a secondary use to anima crystals. They're a wasted slot on the travelling merchant, as well as useless loot for metamorphic geodes and the motherlode maw if they're actually awarded to players with the venerated title unlocked. I would suggest allowing them to be turned in for a free normal mode KC and loot of the respective boss.

Players need to have killed the respective boss once in challenge mode, as well as having the venerated title unlocked to do so. It counts as a regular kill and could award anything the boss could drop normally.

The solution to simply turn them off won't work this time since they still would block a slot on the travelling merchant then.

- Have dwarven stouts boost strength instead of draining it. While they weren't too useful before the M&S rework, using them right now is outright detrimental if not countering the effect with an overload - which itself is a bit of overkill for mining to be honest. Ales still are in need of a full rework to become actually useful again, but I guess something like this could be a start at least.
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