Modified potion reservoir

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Oct Member 2016


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Would like to suggest a modified potion reservoir, which can be toggled to sip any selected potion(s) in the playerís inventory... for up to (letís say 20-100) sips, before degrading to dust.


Will NOT be overpowered because it will take up an inventory slot and will hypothetically only be able to consume a max of (27 x 6) doses of potions that are in the players inventory

Can also make it so that the modified potion reservoir will require more than one empty potion reservoir (or more components / potion flasks) at the bench


Itís really annoying to have a potion reservoir (with one dose left) be loaded into a preset, & without the ability to create another reservoir until that entire one is consumed. This solves that problem without making it too overpowered.

Being able to sip multiple potions (at the cost of reservoir charges) would also be a nice little QOL improvement

Alternative suggestions:

Allow creation of more than one potion reservoir

10-Jun-2019 21:50:52

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