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Stone spirits are in the game to make mining relevant again. Sure gp/h has dropped for bossing (or pvm in general), but most high end money makers are still bossing. If you remove stone spirits and replace them by other more valuable loot, then that other valuable loot will decrease in value because of an increase in supply without an increase of demand. On top of this you want the loot to be somewhat logical and not totally random (don't want a black full helm from chicken for example). I do feel like stone spirits are often not logical, but ores weren't either. But if you remove all illogical drops from bosses it will be difficult to replace them with only logical ones without increasing the frequency of the special drops.

A solution I can see work would be to use Shards of the special drops. Not sure how to balance it out perfectly, but it could be possible that you get like 5 shards a uncommon and 20 as rare. Or just lock it to 1 rarity. This will however lower the prices of those special items unless their droprate (full item and not shards) gets nerfed.

All in all bossing is still top tier money and it's difficult to make a good drop table. (why do fire giants drop law and blood runes and no fire runes?)

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look i can see the use of those stone spirits but they could do it way beter why not get a couple stone spirts form those geode you get during mining instead of 1 spirit shard that makes no sense i mean i dont mind to much the unlogic drops but it has to be a more rewarding i mean the rare drops are but you can have days mayby even weeks if you realy unlucky without them now you get things like 1 hour of gwd 2 bossing 300k well before of the update it was around 1m/2m its just those spirts makes bossing as disater i mean they should do what they did with iron/steel/mithril/admant/rune dragons drop salavage instead of stone spirts it would improve the drops alot and many people would be way happier
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