A hope to abolish all botting.

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Here are two methods that can be essential:

•Every account needs a captcha periodically, players are mandated to give verification to it right after logging-in and during online in order to keep their account. if they continue to disregard then their accounts may result in ban.

•Due to botters cheating at their lowest levels for their persistent schemes, at the start of their new accounts, all players will have 7 days to raise their levels at a certain threshold otherwise their accounts will be automatically terminated.

This is a "fail-safe" method combination I can think of.
Would this help make a bot-free future for the community for better safe than sorry?

25-Jun-2019 21:21:40

Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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Just report them and move on.

I dont see why jagex need to spend even more time making updates just for bots?

You can never truly "end" botting as once you make one update for them theyd instantly try to counteract it.
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25-Jun-2019 22:52:07

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Regarding the last point, account termination is extremely harsh. What happens if someone cannot log on for legitimate reasons, such as educational commitments, technical difficulties or even a bereavement? They'd come back to find their account gone - which could turn people away from playing RuneScape in the future. It could do more harm than good.

People will just bot at/to the threshold, so I feel it wouldn't serve much purpose.


25-Jun-2019 23:38:17

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