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Support. The bigger numbers always felt off, and legacy combat itself is trash.

Also, would be nice for the legacy interface to have a blue color scheme option, since the brown is ugly.

We just got an additional action bar in the legacy interface. These two changes are trivial in comparison to that.
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Eh ok so i am in 2 minds about this.... I thought about it and i think for new players losing one digit would be good so if you hit 1000now you would see 100, that last number doesn't usually mean much but the reason i say 3 digits instead of 2 is that lower level monsters have lower hp so might come in handy
I think that should be the default 3 with a scaling knob like revaluation bar size option
I think there should be a scaling choice of how many digits you want to see but locked under advanced settings toggle (settings too cluttered for new players atm)
I think this change would be great in combination with the ability to see all your hit splats ( made a post on it recently qfc:74-75-33-66107561)
But yah this would be a good time to fix up hit splats as they are working on weapon diversity
Posts:urn bag!, hits-plats fix

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