Armor bug

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Dear ...... whatever is left of you.

I just want to tell you that a staff and ranged armor is the best possible way to gear for pvp.
This is at bug level and should be fixed.
While you're at it, make armors viable again and fix protection prayers.

Royal d'hide and t88staff should not be able to hit at all. Let alone on someone else if they have ANY armor on, wich most people do. So I'm not just saying that you need to add the possiblity to block attacks 90% of the time like on the old version, but add 1% chance to block an attack for every level the item is at, versus it's .... "combat triangle" strong side.

This will eliminate the need for prayers, as using armor at all will make you immune to your enemy so long as they're not smart enough to change weapons. Instead, prayers should give a 20-30% chance to block the style that is prayed against.

I have no idea what you were thinking when you handed us the eoc but it is clear that you want nothing to do with it now.

BUT PLEASE. If you're out there. We need you...!

BTW MOST IMPORTANT.......... REMOVE....... the freaking.... accuracy.... from weapons............
Eliminate the f**king 1itemers.
Put accuracy on armors again damnit.

(Oh and what the hell is a shield for) (((((EXCEPT THE RESO ABILITY)))))



25-Apr-2019 01:36:51

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