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Woodruff Kel

Woodruff Kel

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1. Varrock Lumber Yard
- Confined

2. East Karamja
- Confined

3. Gnome Stronghold
- Confined, last seen west of the agility course

4. Digsite
- Roaming

5. Al Kharid
- Trapped in the room with the range in the Citharede Abbey
*Please spy carefully*

2 Points

6. Sophanem
- Confined, currently in the temple opposite Pyramid Plunder
Quest requirement: Start Icthlarin's Little Helper (or use either a Pharaoh's sceptre (“Jalsavrah”) teleport (level 21 thieving required) or, with help, he can be spied from outside Menaphos)

7. Keldagrim
- Confined, last seen at the cart tracks
Quest requirement: Start The Giant Dwarf

8. Feldip Hills
- Roaming

9. Wilderness
- Trapped behind the 2nd web of the Lava Maze
* Please spy carefully *

10. Wilderness
- Trapped at Deserted Keep (Ardougne/Edgeville lever)
* Please spy away from the web *

11. Southern Desert
- Roaming
Quest requirement: Complete Back to the Freezer

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