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Current/last known locations on World 71:

1 point

1. Lighthouse rock

- Confined to his island

2. Al Kharid cactus

- Trapped at the Abbey, inside the room with Abbess Benita
* Please close the door *

3. Witchaven rock

- Trapped at the hedgerow east of Camelot Castle
* Please spy from the south *

4. Feldip rock

-Trapped at Jade Vine Mansion porch in Ardougne
* Please spy away from the entrance *

5. Eagles Peak bush

- Trapped inside Megan's house at the Needle Skips quest area
* Please spy away from the entrance *

2 points

6. Keldagrim rock

- Trapped inside the last room of Blast Furnace building
* Please close the door *
Quest requirement: Start The Giant Dwarf

7. Miscellania bush

- Confined; trapped at dungeon entrance inside Miscellania Castle grounds
* Please spy from a distance *
Quest requirement: Complete Fremennik Trials

8. Neitiznot rock

- Confined to the town island
Quest requirement: Start Fremennik Isles

9. Neitiznot bush

- Confined to the grass island north of the town island
Quest requirement: Start Fremennik Isles

10. Mos Le' Harmless barrel

- Last spotted on the west town wall
Quest requirement: Complete Cabin Fever

11. Sophanem cactus

- Confined; trapped in the church in the northeast of town
Quest requirement: Complete Back to the Freezer & Start Icthlarin's Little Helper (or use either a Pharaoh's sceptre (“Jalsavrah”) teleport (level 21 thieving required) or, with help, he can be spied from outside Menaphos)

Additional spy after completing Hunt for Red Raktuber:

The polar bear (1 point) is inside
Musa Point
well, south of the banana plantation.

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