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RS host
Oct Member 2018

RS host

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Is there any way the Jagex would bring back the conquest minigame by the pest control? I remember playing it when i was younger, but was it ever put into the newer version? I thought it was a lot of fun because every game was different and you had to think up strategies and you could use the points to level up skill you might not like to grind out. I mean even if it was a different reward system it was still fun to play.

09-Jul-2018 17:38:02

Salve eel
May Member 2019

Salve eel

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Conquest is still at the Void Knight Outpost, to play you just have to ask around to find someone to play it with as its mostly a dead minigame. Even on spotlight most people will just be afking it for thaler tho.
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09-Jul-2018 17:54:31

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