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So, I'm not a huge mini-gamer, but I'm sure we can all agree there are some cool rewards from them.

Now, I know this would be a massive project, but it may be worth doing to keep mini-games a part of RS.

Creating NPC's that are there to basically make it possible to begin games in all mini-games. For instance, having 9 NPC's in Zamorak and 10 in Saradomin at Castle Wars, so if one player wants to go and play, they just have to join a team. Or for say, Trouble Brewing, putting 4 in one team and 5 in the other, and once again, just allowing someone to go and join a team to play a game.

Besides the main reason, allowing people to play the games they loved to play when they were active (For instance, I loved Fist of Guthix and Castle Wars), it also allows people to get their music tracks completed without having to find players, and may potentially put an end to farming fc's, like the groups who play Castle Wars and farm gold tickets. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this, but this way, anyone could play at anytime they wanted too.

I'd just like to add, I'm not offering this as an idea for my own benefit, I'm not hunting music tracks or going for 5k Castle Wars cape or anything like this, just popped into my mind, so thought i'd see how others felt about it.
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