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Grim Enigma
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Grim Enigma

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Hey, I'm Grim Enigma!

Nickadoo and I are starting up are old clan again after many years. We are not sure what we are even looking for in a clan, but for now I think just getting some new friends in the clan would be great.

I'm not going to lie and say are clan's awesome, because it isn't. We only have two active clan members, just me and Nickadoo. Also I don't think we will be working on a citadel, too much work.

We enjoy bossing the most, be it solo, duo or even with a group. From godwars to nex we like them all.

Everyone is welcome and everyone is an equal here.

If you're considering joining, you should come get to know us!

We hang out in Nickadoo's friend chat, or you could join are clan as a guest. You could just message me directly, my chats always on.

Thank you for spending you're time reading my thread, good luck on you're clan search! Cheer's eh?

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