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11-Sep-2016 23:43:55

Stoat King

Stoat King

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You are breaking a whole bunch of rules with that opening post.

However, I admire people of faith.
Your message is very confused though.

It's just a bunch of random and crazy-looking links.

A summary or mission statement might help get your message across better.
As would posting somewhere more appropriate than the runescape forums - irl religion tends to get a very negative reception here.

12-Sep-2016 00:19:35

fmod Gold Premier Club Member


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@ Saint Jedi - Your post has been removed for several reasons:

- Theses forums are not the place to have a discussion of real life religions. See Code of Conduct "Do not start a discussion on a potentially sensitive topic, for example religion or politics."

- Posting the same content across multiple forums is spamming and is not welcome on the Forums. See Code of Conduct

- For the security of all players and their accounts, you may not post URL’s or otherwise direct players to any other websites. Not all sites are designed with the players’ safety in mind, and Jagex can only vouch for the security of their own sites. See Code of Conduct

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