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General Opz

General Opz

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Warband Opz – Recruitment Thread


Welcome! Warband Opz is a warband fc that has been around since the warband nerf in June 2013. We’re a fc that PK for our loot, we see the xp from the supplies as a reward for pking. We have a close and friendly community and we’re part of an alliance called the Pk Syndicate. Our allies are also fcs that PK for their loot too.


Slayer Nest
Requiem Wbs
Yak Army


- No backstabbing other fc members
- Must meet the gear requirements and team cape
- White dots must be killed before looting the camp
- Must listen to leaders during waves

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General Opz

General Opz

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Gear Requirements:


Helm – (Level 60+) Dragon Helm/Barrows/Tetsu/Malovent
Body – (Level 50+) Rune Platebody/Barrows/Tetsu/Malovent
Legs – (Level 50+) Rune Platelegs/Barrows/Tetsu/Malovent
Weapons –
2h – (Level 75+) Any Godsword/Z spear/Saradomin Sword/Chaotic Maul/Noxious Scythe
Dual Wielding – (Level 80+) Mainhand – Chaotic/Drygore – (Level 60+) Offhand – Dragon/Enhanced Excalibur


Helm – (Level 60+) God Coifs/Obsidian Helm/Karils Coif/Death Lotus/Sirenic
Body – (Level 65+) Royal D’hide/Karils/Death Lotus/Sirenic
Legs – (Level 65+) Royal D’hide/Karils/Death Lotus/Sirenic
Weapons –
2h – (Level 80+) RCB/Zaryte Bow/Noxious Longbow
Dual Wielding – (Level 80+) Mainhand – Chaotic Crossbow/Ascension/DL Darts – (Level 70+) Offhand – Blisterwood Stakes/DL Darts


Helm – (Level 60+) Grifolic/Barrows/Ganodermic/Sea Singers/Tectonic
Body – (Level 60+) Grifolic/Ahrims/Ganodermic/Sea Singers/Tectonic
Legs – (Level 60+) Grifolic/Ahrims/Ganodermic/Sea Singers/Tectonic
Weapons –
2h – (Level 75+) Polypore/Staff of Light/Greater Runic/Enhanced Ancient/Armadyl Battlestaff/Chaotic/Noxious Staff
Dual Wielding – (Level 75+) Mainhand – Abyssal Wand/Virtus Wand/Seismic Wand – (Level 60+) Offhand – Grifolic Orb/Abyssal Orb

Cross-gearing your body, legs and helm is not allowed.

All Combat Styles:

Gloves – (Level 65+) Royal D’hide/Gano/Dominion Tower/Barrows Gloves
Boots – (Level 60+) Dragon/Gano/Skirmisher/Silverhawks
Amulet – Glory/Phoenix
Ring – Sixth Age Circuit/Ring of Recoil/Ring of Wealth (Recommended)
Cape – Current Team Cape

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General Opz

General Opz

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The PVP Trial:

Obviously we do not want to let just anyone into the fc, so after your application has been successful and you have been contacted in game, you will be asked to take the PVP trial. The point of the trial is to see how you currently PK, for the trial you will have a best of 3 1v1’s in the White Portal at Clan Wars either against the same trialist each fight or a different one each fight.

If you are successful, you will be given a recruit rank and will be welcome to start warbanding with us. If for whatever reason you failed you will have to wait a week before you can try again.

Trial Rules:

- Use the gear you’re willing to risk in warbands
- No Portents
- Phoenix Necklaces are allowed but the amount will be discussed before the trial
- What prayers will be used will also be discussed before the trial
- Potions are allowed but which potion will vary on the person being trialed’s herblore level

Current Trialists:

General Opz
Of Aegaeon
Gele aardbei

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General Opz

General Opz

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Current RSN:
Previous RSN:
Combat Level:
Prayer Level:
Herblore Level:
PVP Experience:
How long have you been doing warbands?:
Previous Warband FCs:
Reason for leaving previous FC:
Current Clan:
Preferred Combat Style for waves:
Reason for wanting to join Warband Opz:
Will you add 'Warband Opz' to your friend list?:
Have you read and understood the rules?:
Any questions or comments:

After you have filled out the application, you can either PM one of the trialists or we will try and PM you ourselves, but please make sure your private chat is set to *
* so you can be contacted in game. We will also respond on this thread if you have been successful or not.

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