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When Ironman Mode was first introduced into the game in 2014, Iron Man Clan was one of the leaders in both progression, and number of members. Over time, many members went inactive, or simply quit Runescape entirely. Iron Man Clan is back, and we are recruiting!


The only requirements to join the clan are to be:
- An Ironman Account or a
Ironman Account

There are absolutely no level requirements, or age requirements. Brand new iron men accounts are more than welcome to join.


There are few rules, but they will be enforced. They include:
Respect all clan members
: You are allowed to banter, and argue, because everyone has their own opinions and ideas, but you cannot insult, or put-down other clan members. We understand that people joke around, so you will only be penalized if you cross the line. When an officer rank tells you to stop, you should stop.

Other than that, there are basically no rules. If you are doing something that isn't appropriate, an officer rank
tell you so that you can change your behavior. Swearing is allowed, joking is allowed, all that jazz, but remember to be mature as much as possible.

This section can be changed at any time, and it will be current member's responsibility to keep up on new rules.

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Current Officers and Ranking!

DIY Kurt
– Eury, Iron Exalted, 6969696996
– Sixty Four
- Sharkeater, Kixsie, kopacz

The ranking system is simple. It is based on experience gained, and through activity / being helpful. For example, you may meet the experience requirement, but if you aren't friendly to other clan mates, you won't be promoted.

: joining rank
: 1 million clan experience
: 5 million clan experience
: 10 million clan experience
: 20 million clan experience
: 50 million clan experience

If this seems like a lot, keep in mind that if a brand new account joins, it will be a matter of time before they reach general rank. Progression while in the clan, combined with helping others, respecting others, and being active in chat results in ranks.
Once a week clan experience will be checked for rank-up eligibility, please do not tell us every time you are eligible


Every member of the clan has the ability to invite others, so simply joining our Clan Chat, and asking for an invite will be sufficient to join. You can also add any of the officers, or the owner and the first time we are on, we will invite you to the clan. Lastly, you can post here on the forum page, which myself, or another officer will check daily and we will get back to you when we can.

Membership is
required, but we do
being a member, that way you can progress the best you can, and we can help you the best we can.

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At any given time, there will be members on of various levels, simply by asking if anyone wants to group quest, group boss, or if you just want to hang out with other members, it can be done.

For example, for the Morytania Hard Tasks, you need a group of people to get a blood altar teleport tablet, by asking in the group chat, you can allow several members to get that achievement done in the process of you doing it yourself, just by asking.

In the future, as numbers grow, there
be clan events that will be posted on here, and discussed in the clan chat to make sure everyone is aware. That will be decided at a later date.


Ironman is one of the funnest game modes there is, if you have an ironman of any level, we welcome you to our clan. If you
have an ironman, but you're thinking about making one, simply guest in our clan chat on your main and we will answer any questions you have.

For the time being, the clan is waiting for you to join. We will help you whenever we can, answer any questions you have, and try our best to make sure you become the best ironman you can be.

Thank you,

Iron Exalted.

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Hiya Everyone!

Wow a full IronMan Clan!

Im very interested. I started an iron man and am loving every minute of it. Hopefully I can drop in the cc.
See you soon :D



Kid Arthur

o, im
btw ,... lol
click for

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