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                   E L Y S I A N   O R D E R
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Hello xPluisje!

We would be happy to have you in Elysian Order!

We are a recently reincarnated clan looking to add to our growing list of clan members. Currently we are sitting at
members. The Citadel is currently
Tier 3
. Our preferred language in the Clan Chat is
We are primarily located in
North America
ranging in timezones from
however, we welcome anyone from anywhere in the world!

We offer a variety of perks including:

Discord - Point Based Ranking - Citadel - Group Events - PvM & Bossing trips - Player of the Month Awards - 3-Tier Leadership System - Raffles - Competitions - and a variety of other things!

If you are interested in joining you can PM King Stokes or Jack 97, Post on our forum thread here, or join the clan chat as a guest and someone will be happy to answer any questions you may have about us and/or invite you in!

We look forward to meeting you!
Owner of
¤ Elysian Order ¤


19-Feb-2019 20:53:47

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Legends Of Fortune is a
highly active bosshunting clan

If you lack experience, you will be taught how to kill high level bosses like






We care a lot about our clan members! You will not just be a number to us.
We offer
official bossing events twice a day
These events are NOT masses.

Check us out at QFC:

03-Mar-2019 05:11:29

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I've always wanted to create a clan that could not only bring people together but also grow together as well.

Playing Runescape for a fair amount of time, I thought it is about time that I create a clan where not only can we play together, but engage in various activities.

I want the main focus of this clan to participate in the activities below

- Boss
- Minigames
- Group skilling
- Raids

There will be no biased opinions in the clan and ranks will be given to those who deserve them. The ranks will only signify the trust earned within the clan. Everyone will be trusted and played with equally as they join.

If a player who is new to bossing or wants to learn how to do group bosses, there is always room for learning and participation. I want everyone to be a family regardless of how long they have been in the clan to avoid conflict. There is no seniority when participating in bossing activities, everyone should be welcomed, regardless of gear tier.

Players will follow the community guidelines and the rules of Runescape. Using offensive language (Bad words) to describe an event that happened or simply bad luck overall is permitted. But to publicly discriminate/belittling/Scamming/Stealing will not be tolerated for a clan or non clan member.

Even tho I want to create this clan and make it grow, I too would love to learn more about tips and tricks players have. There is always room for learning and I am willing to listen to any advice whether it be on bossing, raids, skilling or the clan overall.

If you are interested in joining the clan, please do not hesitate to throw a message in game that you would like to join! I will be glad to invite you.

Note: Clan members who do not want to participate in Clan activities are more than welcome to just sit back and relax. No one is going to force you to do anything and you will not be kicked for not participating.

03-Mar-2019 07:32:24

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Hey xPluisje, I've recently started a new clan and would love to have you apart of it! The link is in the signature!

Euphoric Serenity
is hybrid clan. We're looking for Ironmen/women and Mainscapers alike where we can all come together for
Euphoric Serenity

~ Basic Information ~

Clan Name :
Euphoric Serenity

Clan Size : So far we are at 13 members!
Citadel Tier : Up and running! (1)
Clan World : 22
Owner of Clan : Rafique RIP
Deputy Owner: ShatTheBed, Jellyness Positions still open!
Join us as a top rank and help run things as a team =)
Founded some time in 2014 but reopening 2019

~Qualities we think are important~

First off there are no requirements to join or to be in
Euphoric Serenity.
We welcome any person to join, here are some qualities we look for in
Euphoric Serenity
* Be Respectful
* Mature personality
* Being sociable is a huge plus, but we are all a little shy in the beginning! =)
* Understanding that life comes first.
* Shows integrity
* Willingness to have Fun!

~ Euphoric Serenity's Goal ~

Our goal is to create a fun and beneficial community for players to learn, grow, and create new experiences! We strive to make new friends, and have a dedicated clan that is worry free.[/quote]
is waiting for you!

03-Mar-2019 15:32:05

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Hi Xpluisje
You Are Welcome to Be our Guest in »GLAD2BHELP» Please say hi« when joining chat and guest for few days b4u join our»24/7 Timezone SOCIAL COMMUNITY

Im uk
»»No swearing Rule«« Pg =No Drama=everyone Respects and helps everyone in the Community

We are looking for 0-maxed people who Respect and like to help and share game knowledge with others-Aged 13+ we are parents and Grandparents. Nothing mandatory
»T7Citadel All clan Members need to atune avatar rock to gain 3/6% bonus

Ranks need to fill out rank application

»Clan Ranking System clan Requirements 0-comp Estab-Sept 2009
What makes a clan big or small 285 members
5-30 people are always in cc 40-50 people active every day
150 + Active Members,
100 f2p zzz.. Players are removed after 6 month inactivity

1 xp per month keeps you in clan

Very Sorry 4 copy n paste.
But im way to old and NEUROPATHIC to type Out 20 Hand written replies
I just grind out 120s as i can't boss
10% of clan will boss

Nothing in the clan is mandatory
Hi ranks need discord for communication.
Our »Discord is members and guest
Runescape even has its own official discords
Oldschool server
osrs bot and rune info give us stats info

03-Mar-2019 15:43:41

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Hey, check us out! I started
; we reached
tier 7
status officially as of 9/22/2018, and we just had our FIRST BIRTHDAY! :)

We are looking to revitalize our in-game clan chat and of course our fancy schmancy
! (Add me for a discord invite:

Clan events

Weekly lottery
for those who choose to cap at our clan citadel

Weekly skilling competitions
with prizes

Weekly minigames
with the clan

* looking for a new minigames organizer :)

• Random events with prizes such as

KBD, QBD, GWD1, GWD2, ED1, ED2, Nex, etc.

We don't have any level requirements
, nor do we mind if you are f2p. Feel free to click our official recruitment thread link in my signature for any other information you may be looking for!

You're welcome to guest all you want! If you'd like an invite, just ask!
Sick of cliquish, elitist-filled clans? Look no further. You have arrived.

Check out our thread! Click here!

Owner of Soundgarden

03-Mar-2019 17:49:17

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