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Hey all,

We're now launching a slew of fixes, aiming to reboot at 1:00pm game time (2:00pm UK time).

-Re-added the minimise/maximise button onto the action bar in EoC mode.
-Fixed the size of the revolution highlight on the action bar.
-The Prifddinas holiday portal will now direct players to the Easter event.
-The Wise perk’s status icon now displays an accurate percentage.
-The Reflect icon once again displays a timer.
-The login message for Lunar Spheres will now only appear if a player has been logged out for over 5 minutes.

NXT fixes:
-Fixed a crash primarily during cache download but also randomly.
-Fixed cache download randomly stopping or losing connection.
-Fixed crash in disk cache.
-Restored standard OSX full screen button.
-Removed broken in game full screen option on OSX.
-Fixed the BOOPY! Noise when typing certain keys in OSX.
-Entering caves and instances will no longer remove terrain blending options.
-Added the ability to start NXT from the client executable, fixes issues when having two taskbar icons.
-Fixed an issue with indefinite loading, black screen on log in and scenery not loading.

Apologies for the inconvenience,

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Good. The games has stopped on the "Loading Map" screen numerous times since Monday's update. Uninstalling NXT and reinstalling seems to fix it for a while (I've done it twice now), but then it comes back.

12-Apr-2017 12:01:46

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Thanks. I hate using the Legacy client but I guess we need to keep it around for situations like these.
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12-Apr-2017 12:02:27

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