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Juli Allis
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Juli Allis

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anyone can tell me why this morning I had great game with amazing graphic and no lag before all this freeze

after i reload I got poor outdated graphic game full of fog and mega lag?

12-Apr-2017 21:31:53

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Cryinghawke said:
Vex1992 said:
I still cannot play. I get stuck in the lobby and the loading never ends

download the client again and reinstall it. when asked to clear existing cache click yes. this solved the problem for me.

I've already tried that twice and its not working.

12-Apr-2017 23:19:17

Mr Bob
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Mr Bob

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Can the hp, adren, prayer, and summoning bars on the action bar be fixed? In the 2x7 half size action bar layout they're nearly twice as short as before. A toggle for the way action bars were before would be good enough, just have an option for 'slim' action bars or not. :)

The difference:

12-Apr-2017 23:34:06

Fox King
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Fox King

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Jagex could you buff the invention experience given by the guthixian buttleflies please? the wisdom of my words, come from my own balanced mind.
Do not trust on your own tricky mind. Just... make it useful.
The FOX King.

13-Apr-2017 00:04:38

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Thanks for the fix.
Some things i have noticed however,

- There is still a weird client "rs2client.exec" which is running rather than the RS logo shortcut launcher
- The game is still a little laggier than before (however this may well be attributable to the fact that my comp is download all the cache and content again after deleting it).
- Scrolling up and down - though we dont do this much other than in chat is a bit slow and uncoordinated. Iv'e tried different mouse and its the same. Minor minor issue but just something to notice is all.
- The game cannot be closed via the normal "command + q " option. This is probably because the exec thing is not recognised by Mac. I mean , its also a minor issue - but its not as smooth to close the client i.e have to get out of fullscreen, and close it.. A minor issue but also what i noticed.

But thanks! at least we can log in and play now for the most part!

13-Apr-2017 01:15:58 - Last edited on 13-Apr-2017 01:33:48 by Magicboy694

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I am very unhappy 30 days of membership I spent 3 days locked in the lobby

and the final word i get from twitter is NXT is fixed with a link to here.

NXT is not fixed. Jagex support was awful the response was to remove nxt and go back to java. Your sign in page for java has a big unclickable box to sign up for NXT press here

so now i guess i will stare at that box for 3 days. Did I mention I am not happy?

13-Apr-2017 01:40:20

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