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Trewavas said:
SoggieBiscut said:
questions guys not sure if its happening to you, have brought able to breed in small paddock, have 2 paddocks both with 1 female and 1 male, health and happy at 100% on all of them and they havent breed once and they been at it for a week...have the babysitters on them also if that helps

Babysitters stop your animals from progressing past the adolescent growth stage. Each babysitter can stop one animal from advancing beyond this stage. Whilst your animal is an adolescent, it can't breed - only Adults and Elders can.

Double check the growth stage of your animals and if they're adolescents, consider removing the farmhands from those paddocks.

thanks didnt realise they had to be so old to mate, have 2 elders and 2 adodle so i have removed babysitters for time been thanks :)

03-Mar-2019 01:49:51

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