Hellion Aura not working Jan 1

Quick find code: 15-16-956-66071774

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Grey Tiger
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Grey Tiger

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I found the same thing. I hope its not permanent because that's the main reason I got premier, with the stacking of the aura resets, gave the impression it would be for the full year...

01-Jan-2019 20:29:30

Lord Tharkon
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Lord Tharkon

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It was expected that it would stop working.

It was confusing that it appeared it didn't stop working.

Illumination still appears as ready to use as well, but both give the same message. Jagex should stop sending mixed signals like this, because people think they can use the aura and then will have a sour surprise when they're all geared up and the aura bounces.
The entire world is bragging about cookies and Jagex doesn't even know how to use them.

01-Jan-2019 22:29:09

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Could any of you helpful people who seem to know about these things explain where we find this replacement object please? Nice to know there is something but would be even nicer to know how to find it/use it.

02-Jan-2019 00:19:06

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Finally figured it out. If you pay for the new year, then the Premier Artefact will appear in your inventory. It has various perks that can be activated. But they cannot be used at the same time as an aura. It goes in the pocket slot, but I use that for other things.

JAGEX, it would have been really nice if you could figure out a way to push messages to us Premier Members BEFORE we wasted a couple of days assuming our Hellion was bugged. We don't all read your updates.

Note, on my other accounts (which still have Premier accounts from last year) the Artefact has not appeared, but the hellion aura it replaces does not work. So I'm supposed to pay for my new premier membership before the old one expires if I want the benefits? Frankly, that sucks!

Also note, the spelling is not the usual spelling of Artifact. Is that intentional or is it a typo?

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I guess they just should remove the auras then if they can't even be used for cosmetic purposes (like the festive one). It probably is a fairer solution than keeping discontinued auras (like dwarven instinct or mahjarrat), when not making them available otherwise after that year though. Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

02-Jan-2019 08:04:14

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can i trade my artifact for the hellion aura? the artifact is completely useless to me, outside of the aura refresh, which the hellion aura already had.

Edit: Or can you add the ability to get one free death per day to the artifact?

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