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Trans-Girl said:
i liked alot of these updates tbh and im hoping seeing how balanced polls are that even the 1's that dont winare still up for a possibility at a later date listening to feedback about said aspects

(as for broken homes 2 broken minds well broken home broke my mind)

i think there all great things with only a few exceptions i just hope all that dont win poll are still considered
This! When I looked at the stuff on the ingame poll I started salivating! If I'm reading jagex's words right all osrs new content has been on the backlog for rs3 for awhile(zeah main example) My one issue is if they're going to seriously remake a quest (salt in the wound) Players that have already done it should be allowed to replay it (no additional rewards of course)! I'm sure I'm not the only one mad that they couldn't do the overhauled (better version) Imp Catcher!

02-Mar-2018 00:14:03

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