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Mar Member 2019

I d4rco I

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Well i don't know where to adress this but I DO have to compliment the good people that hacked my account just 30 mins ago. Their twitch fishing account is still going strong. hihi.
They probably have a legit runescape account aswell so maybe they will read this.
Keep doing your thing hacking accounts as you have been since the beginning and probably ending of this game.
Suddenly someone from a different continent logs into my account and this flags absolutely nothing at Jagex headquarters. Ahahaha. I wish I could teleport irl but to this day i still can't :(

Have fun wasting your time clicking boys. I'm done for good with this game and probably gaming in general. So thank you so much for stealing my gp's and destroying my untradables. GOOD JOB! 99 thieving achieved! Next step is to go steal IRL but beware because in real life you can actually get punished.
Meanwhile i'll be getting some experience IN REAL LIFE :)

Thank you hackers
Oh boy do I love clicking!

13-Feb-2019 13:24:15

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