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Firstly, forgive me for the times when I have been worrisome. I did find the place in support where I did witness the big pile of work at hand. I am sure [that] that pile of work just scrapes the edge of what goes on behind the scenes. You folks do a wonderful job at handling everything that comes your way, thanks.

I like how you all include user's input when considering the direction of the game. I have seen what could have been my own impact. I did write about the achievements tracker before you good people built the awesome achievement tracker we have today, and it is awesome. I also read the posts of others whom having contributed their thoughts on the forums, later found the same in-game. Thanks.

The images and graphics are amazing. I see the results of some amazing imaginations and talents across RuneScape's site, media, and in-game. Thanks.

I like how you folks took control and cleaned RuneScape up. It says a lot about the company and made the game much funner for users without those otsba*. Thanks

I know there are some things that go on at Jagex that are good, but I don't know what they are. To the good known unknowns, thanks.

To any other good deeds in labors and passions that help make RuneScape what it is today, thank you.

Thank you.

* see Pig Latin
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