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Mod Kalaya;

I am not use to the RuneScape Offical Forums and only used it a handful of times. Matter of fact (these reminders are public, so correct me if I am in violation of TOS) I wouldn't have came to the forums if you didn't send me a reminder a while ago reminding us of the VIP forum.

I would like to thank you for that because it felt like a personal touch. It was a nice change to see Mod (insert name here) message instead of Jagex billing haha.

Though I do not post often, I do read these forums more than the CoC (jokes). I want to say that you've grown well into your position. Yes there were issues in the past and other things but it is a work in progress. The changes made so far has been pretty neat which is why I've decided to join the RSOF community.

From what I've seen community wise you've started out a bit.... New which is expected :P but you've grown and not just you but also Jagex. I see now that you (you personally, as well Jagex) Do care about us. You've made changes that I never tought would happen. These changes were birth out of mistakes and I think these changes are for the better. I feel good logging into the forums and posting now, it seems more of an upbeat type of atmosphere.

When I first started playing even as a noob (forever will I be a noob) I posted on these forums and a few times Jmods actually replied to my thread(s) and anwsered some of my questions. This was exciting because I'm not use to Jagex ever replying to anything, it feels good.

Anyways keep up the great work Mod Kayala, I don't doubt for a second you and your team will breath new life here. I do know because of you personally, I am becoming a regular of RSOF. (now, I shall take my late night gibbirish elsewhere)

I hope this makes sense somewhat, I'll clean up this post later.

Thanks and I wish you the best as well as Jagex Staff. Your success keeps the game I love alive.

Edit to add:
Hail ZAROS!!!

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Mod Kalaya thank you, I admire you brought up the situation I had to Runescape team, and miracles and magic happens and I am able to get back what I have purchased (Master Runecrafter outfits). I am super grateful, thank you so much

May you be in good health, surrounded by positive and abundance people that cherish you always.

03-Jul-2017 08:32:30

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