Pure dragons.

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One of my clan mate called GetUrNoobOn laughed of something today and said : Runescape needs to add "Dragon dragons" I answered back, hey that looks like a bad name, but Runescape could indeed add Orikalkum Dragons, Necronium Dragons, Master Dragons (Masterwork) and Pure Dragons (Pure dragons by base makes dragon armour), but if treated well, pure dragon scales can make a Pure dragon armour. What I mean by treated well is the basic material alone won't be enough to make the Pure dragon armour, it loses quality over smithing. You need something to keep it of good pure quality.

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Wrong forum section. Seriously, this is about confirmed future game updates. NOT SUGGESTIONS. I ignored it long enough, even played along, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Take 5 seconds to read the forum categories. Please. Like, holy shit.

Talk about the bank rework, talk about upcoming patches, talk about mobile, talk about ANYTHING that is confirmed to happen in the future, or was at least mentioned by Jagex to POSSIBLY happen in the future. Not weird, pointless suggestions that would never be greenlit by anybody with an iota of common sense. It would be cool if we had jetpacks and pokemon!

Okay, rant over. Sorry, but I had to get that off my chest. Yeeeesh.

EDIT: On topic- No support. It sounds like a waste of time and money to implement even more types of dragons into the game. We have more than plenty as is.
Why RS Mobile is a stupid idea

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Oh dear! The Suggestions Forum is leaking into Future Game Updates Forum again!

*Grabs buckets & mop & moves thread to the correct Forum.*

(The Future Game Updates Forum is for feedback and discussion of updates that are already in development, rather than for suggestions for updates.)

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