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I'm in a clan with 400 members, lot of whom have been in the clan for years. Now I'm responsible for organising the clan and I have run into a few problems I think could be improved.

A lot of players are never online, don't chat or cap. But dealing with a list of 400 people this isnt an easy thing to get a grip on.

Organising clan mates currently is only done by organising by rank, but to me - a person dealt with assigning ranks - that doesnt help me.

I need to be able to sort in a way I can actually decide on ranks.

Sort by last seen online
Sort by joined since
Sort by currently online
Sort by capping fealty rank

This way I can easily see who is contributing, committed etc. And I can easily assign ranks in a way that corresponds with a players contribution/commitment to the clan.

I want players to have their own say in their ranks, so if they commit they should be ranked accordingly. and i could just create a procedure for what level of commitment would mean which rank. then a next level ranking system would be that i only decide the procedure on what is required for which rank and the clan will automatically assign ranks accordingly. What a dream that would be.

29-Nov-2018 11:26:16

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