Smithing for exp improvements

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The idea is simple, if you making set for burial you gotta do 5 seperate pieces and upgrade them to maximum number of upgrades before you can make burial set.

what i would suggest and i think would be big QoL improvement for current smithing is to be able to make set and upgrade set as one.

math behind this would be like this:
1. combined amount fo bars for that upgrade level
2. combined amount of progres for that upgrade level
3. combined exp reward for that upgrade level

this shouldn't really affect a balance of smithing cos it will still use same amount of bars, same amount of time and would give same amount of exp, but if it needs some balancing, maybe sets shouldn't have availability to be exchanged to seperate pieces, so it would be only used for burial.

this change would give these benefits:
1. lower chance to fail and make piece that you already have, thus reduced chance to waste bars
2. more inventory spaces for sets, before you would use them to burial (which in turns means more pray pots if using superheat form)
3. more relaxed smithing, given that you can no longer make x of items, which would lower downtime of smithing if you do that afk with superheat form and autoheater

i can't speak for all, but from my perspective, smithing became really boring afk fest where you aren't really awarded by doing it activelly, cos it just awefully slow progress and at least for me is not enjoyable at all. on the other hand, i like how new mining works.

16-Jan-2019 11:18:13

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