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Currently the tier 1 and 2 geodes from mining are pretty annoying to open. like me, many others are just piling them up in the bank. Id hope that there will be a small update to make use of these geode's.

My idea is to make a shop that accepts all geode's (much like the waterfall fishing urchins) to unlock some rewards.

Tier 1 geode: 1 point
Tier 2 geode: 3 points
Tier 3 geode: 25 points

The options below are some example's for rewards.

Imcando part: 1000 points (requires Birthright of the Dwarves)
Golem part: 500 points
uncut onyx: 2500 points
Golden mining outfit part: 500 points
corrupted ore pack (100): 100 points
Mining str+ : 100 points
Mining str++ : 500 points
Mining str+++: 2500 points
small mining lamp: 500 points
Mature dwarven stout: 50 points

14-Jan-2019 12:05:23



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Why not just shop Geodes are that Salvage shop?
The tier of the Geode converts to a set number of tickets/points.
So your Sedimentary Geode would be worth a tiny amount towards a Token (kinda like how Air Runes are worth like .1 point at the Runespan shop), Igneous would be worth slightly more, and Metamorphic would be able to swap for like a higher Rune Salvage. It would take a number of Sedimentary Geodes just to get a Steel Salvage.

14-Jan-2019 20:39:03

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