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Jagex, over a year ago (July 7th to be exact) and as part of your Unfinished Business | Release Strategy Update announcement, you said:
"Expansions take up a huge amount of dev time, leading to a sparse release schedule and less player happiness. It's clear that regular updates is something that makes RuneScape RuneScape. The game feels less alive without them.For this reason, we are suspending development on all future expansions. We might release expansion-sized updates like Elf City in the future, but we won't be committing to a sequence of them, and there will be no additional expansion this year."

This was in reaction to the amount of time it took to create Menaphos because you, per your own words, "neglected other updates as a result." However, I think you have fallen into the same trap except with the
and areas such as
The Lost Grove
- all are expansions in that you dedicated much time and effort creating entirely new areas, only these are combat restrictive.

Therefore, since you justifiably cannot help but create game areas, I suggest that you take a leaf out of Old School RuneScape's book and gradually add new areas to the existing game much like when you first began developing the Members Areas way back when. I look at OSR's World Map and see places like Zul-Andra in southern Isafdar, the long-awaited Fossil Island, the abandoned Dragonkin fortress Ungael in the Lunar Sea, the Myths' Guild south of the Feldip Hills, Slepe in far eastern Morytania, and of course the entirely new continent of Zeah.

Old School RuneScape is called such not only because the graphics are archaic, but because the game is developed in the same manner as of old too. I thus propose the main game return to that method of development as well: the slow growth of the world with a Quest or two for each new area.
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The Lost Grove wasn't as much of an expansion compared to something like The Arc, Priff, or Menaphos.

When the Lost Grove was launched, all it had was:
- new area
- 3 new slayer creatures
- a simple D&D
- a new pet to find

Solak came later

I'd also argue that while the Elite Dungeons are mildly impressive, they aren't as expansive as expansion areas were either.
There is a lot of combat involved in them. A few new mobs, and a few new bosses.
They aren't "here's 6-12 new skilling locations, a similar # of mobs to kill, etc"
Now I do concede that the number of skill and reward items added in game are fairly similar, and similar new "best in slot".

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