P.O.H Weapons Storage Room

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In player owned house we have the option to store fancy dresses, toys , magic armours, armours even capes but we never had the option to store weapons.

A player finds alot of weapons on his adventure in runescape, wether it is from a quest or from a shop or even from various monsters and bosses. there are hundreds and hundreds of weapons in Gilanor for magic, Ranged and melee.

Players might find weapons that they would like to keep, maybe a good looking crossbow to roleplay with or an other that fits an outfit that has been designed.

it would be a very bad option to bank all these diffrent weapons because at the end you will have a full bank and needs to throw alot of stuff out of it.

So why not creat a player owned house weapons storage room ! like that we can store diffrent types of weapons in there so we don't worry about getting them back from a quest or from other Methodes.

I am one of the players who finds weapons very intresting and have a alot of them banked because some looks nice or very hard to obtain, and i'm sure there are many others who does the same or even thought of doing it at some point.

I hope everyone likes this new idea and i would be more than happy to see it go live into game.

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