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Some players like the Excalibur to be a 1-click activate and some like it to be 2-click. I would propose there be an option added to the game for the Excalibur to be turned into a trophy, keeping the activation effect and removing the ability to wield/augment the sword.

This way the player can choose which version they want to bring to a fight. I personally do not augment or wear mine and have accidentally worn it in the past at bad times (EG. running melee distance into a rax cleave)

Not a great deal to say on the suggestion, its very simple and has no drawbacks I can think of. I guess just make the trophy version look quite different so that its easily distinguishable from the equip-able version.

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Not having a special opinion on that idea, but it's certainly a better solution than removing the left-click wield option from an actual piece of equipment (which also is used as such).

Just for commentary: The trophy variant for regular excalibur doesn't make sense though. It just has some regular kind of special attack.
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