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So i have the works of a new skill for RS while talking on my alt with a few nice peeps

The merchant skill
You will start your merchant life in RS

in or just outside the city's are special stores (Trade post) city's have there own goods in them
so varrock has other items them Falador

then when you go there and buy the items (with GP or a new currencies for the skill)
you will get special items in your inventory that are not dropped in game
like a [Barrel of beer] or a [crate of wool]

when you have the item in your inventory the ability to run and teleport will be disabled
so you need to walk to where you need to go
then in the city where you want to sell it you sell it with a profit and you will get the EXP by item

later on lets say skill level 10 you can then buy a horse and wagon so you can haul more or heaver items

the higher the skill the more stuff unlocks for you to buy in the store
near the Trade post is a massage board with high demands posted on it,
when you click on it you will see the items the trade post is buying at higher prices sins there is a shortage of then (random items or really a supply that will go down over time)

when you walk you can get attacked by bandits (npc's) so you need do be combat ready or ask friends to help protect you

when you have a x skill lets say 50 you will get a title (<name> the merchant)

all the items and tools will be buyed with the currencies you will get from the skill so the horse and wagon

example horse and wagon:
level 10 - horse and wagon (basic) holds 10 KG of stuff or adds 3 extra slots to inventory
level 20 - horse and wagon (Carrage) holds 20 KG of stuff or adds 6 slots to inventory
level 30 - gorse and wagon (Luxury) holds 50 KG of stuff or adds 10 slots to inventory

you can add more how you want it like nicer wagons or other animals like a elephant or even demons to do it

if i come up with anything else i will post it here please help me refine this skill as well and leave your input

07-Feb-2019 18:16:10

Kings Abbot

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Horses went extinct in RuneScape, might want to use unicorns or pack yaks or something... The RS Wiki needs a hand, and Bwian's will gladly take the rest of your body!
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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