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Basic Skill - Level 85 Defence required.

Cooldown - 20 Seconds. Shares its cooldown with Surge, Escape, Barge, and Bladed Dive.

Buff - Tumble: Take 10% less damage from your opponent's attacks. (Lasts 3 seconds)

Description - Roll diagonally (In an L shape similarly to a knight in chess, 4 spaces) and avoid some of the damage from your opponent, taking 10% less damage from their attacks for a short duration. Critically striking your opponent reduces the cooldown of Tumble by one second. Your attacks are not interrupted by Tumble.

Mobilize - Will reduce the cooldown but adrenaline will not be gained.


-Randomly acquired from training agility. Must be level 85+ agility to be able to learn the Tumble skill similarly to learning sacrifice at God Wars Dungeon.

- It could drop in a tome form or learned similar to how some skilling pets are experienced-based drops, with levels 99, 120, and 200m agility giving significantly increased drop rates.

- Bought from Jacky the Fruit for Agility Arena tickets. (Guthix, please no.)

Animation: Your character performs a rolling animation in a counter-clockwise direction to your targeted opponent. You are always facing your target after completing the roll.

Purpose: To act as a defensive skill similarly to Anticipate without the stun resistance and with added mobility.

Other Ideas:

- Make it so that unlocking Tumble unlocks Tumble Clockwise and Tumble Counter-Clockwise. Make them share the same cooldown so you have to choose which one to use. That way it would be less clunky during fights where you cannot circle around your opponent (Queen Black Dragon, Har-Aken).

- If it's too bothersome to use for melee, perhaps it could be tweaked to be a magic/ranged version of bladed dive.

Just a fun theorycraft I had when I was bored! :)

Feel free to share your thoughts/suggestions. I am by no means an expert pvp/pver.

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